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A breif history of Snack Chops

1999 - Idea

While dunking my cookies in milk, I wished there was a way to prevent my fingers from getting milky. And I drew the first prototype, which looked like giant tweezers with stirrups.

2005 - Proof of concept

Again while eating some cookies in milk I came back to my sketch. Using some plastic I fabricated an (crude) elementary proof of concept.

August 2015 - Modeling

Using 3D Software, Sketch-up, I started to make 3D printed prototypes. Each model, adding and subtracting what worked and didn't work.

September 2015 - First 3D Snack Chop Print

I was new to the 3D printing environment, but I figured it out. And the prototyped ‘sort-of work’

May 2016 - Finalizing the Model

Working with some friends, the design was changed from the U shape to the V shape.

October 2016 - Talks with film producers

Negotiated with film producers on the production of a product video. Decided the added cost of professional advertisement would be better used on other marketing avenues.

Nov 4, 2016 - Registered Domain

Drexel Entrepreneurial Association (DEA) helped come up with the product name. And I purchased the domain, (funny story GoDaddy accidentally sold me, they fixed it soon after)

November 2016 - Video Animation

Using Blender 3D started to create a video for crowdfunding.

January 23, 2017 - 1st Place pitch competition 

Won a GoPro Hero 5 for my Snack Chop pitch.

March 2017 - Published in Triangle Newspaper

I was featured as ‘Entrepreneur of the week’ in The Triangle.

November 2017 - Launched Website

Started to share my product with the world.

2018 - Crowdfudning

Coming Soon